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Lendio relaunches online PPP loan application for small businesses

Lendio relaunches online PPP loan application for small businesses By Pavithra R. Brock Blake, CEO and co-founder of Lendio Lendioa leading marketplace for small business (SME) loans, announced that the company has relaunched its streamlined online application for small business owners to access government funds earmarked for supplemental Check Protection Program loans payroll (PPP). The […]

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Online loans take the life of an employee

In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old agricultural extension worker from K. Mounika district died on Tuesday evening at Gandhi Hospital while undergoing treatment after consuming a toxic substance on Monday evening. She was allegedly pushed to an extreme step due to harassment from an agency offering instant loans online. Police say Mounika, a resident of […]

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How can I lower my student loan interest rate?

Reducing the interest rate on your student loan could help lower your costs during this time of economic uncertainty. (iStock) The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented economic chaos, leaving millions of Americans unemployed or facing reduced hours and leaving many more worried about their financial future. Amid the current economic volatility, you might be interested […]

Loan interest

Compare today’s personal loan interest rates and find the best deal

Personal loans can be a great way to consolidate debt or achieve other financial goals. (iStock) Consumers can use a personal loan for just about anything, making it an attractive form of credit, especially for consolidating higher interest rate debt. Interest rates are influenced by several different factors, including current market conditions, the lender and […]

Loan application

What documents are needed to apply for a home loan?

Mortgage lenders tend to require detailed documentation. It is not uncommon for mortgage application packages to reach over 100 pages by the time all requested documents have been received. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to the types of documents you may need to produce when applying for a home loan. Note that […]