Loan application

DU calls for student loan application for smartphone

The university will provide up to Tk 8,000 to students as a soft loan

Dhaka University (DU) authorities have asked university students to submit loan applications to purchase smartphones for the purpose of participating in online courses and exams.

The university will provide up to Tk 8,000 as a soft loan through students’ bank accounts at Sonali, Janata and Agrani banks.

Students have been invited to submit their applications by June 15, according to a notification on Thursday from DU Account Manager, Md Iliyas Hossain.

Those who do not have a bank account have been instructed to open one and notify their respective departments, he added.

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Students must submit the smartphone receipt to the loan approval committee through their departments.

The loan amount is to be repaid by the concerned student before the end of his studies or courses at the university at once or in four equal installments, the notification says.

No transcripts or certificates will be issued unless the loan is repaid.

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The subsidized loan application form can be downloaded from the university’s website (

On November 3 last year, UGC announced that it would grant a maximum of Tk 8,000 to each of 41,501 students at 39 public universities as loans to buy phones to take online courses amid of the pandemic.