Loan application

HESLB and RITA seal a pact to improve the loan application process

Speaking yesterday shortly after the pact was signed, HESLB Executive Director Abdul-Razaq Badru said applicants’ birth or death certificates will first be verified by RITA before applicants are allowed to apply for loans.

“In this agreement, we will work together to ensure that applicants’ certificates are verified and certified before the loan application window opens,” Badru said.

He further noted that RITA and HESLB have been working together since August last year and yesterday made it official.

According to him, applicants should not wait until the deadline to start verifying their certificate, but rather do it whenever they have the chance, as the directory of loan processes for the year 2021/2022 will be available. on the HESLB website in both Swahili languages. and English, he explained.

“I urge students to carefully read all instructions given before applying once the application window opens from July 1 to August this year,” he said, adding:

“We will be opening loan applications for two months so that all students/candidates can apply in greater numbers.”

“We are preparing to go and visit all the students who have been selected to join the national service training in the country to brief them on what is required when applying for the loan.”

Badru further noted that a total of 149,472 students have received loans worth 464 billion/- and the government has already allocated 395 billion/- for the next fiscal year.

According to him, HESLB has already collected 168 billion/- out of the 190 billion/- which was to be collected in the financial year 2020/2021.

RITA’s acting chief executive, Emmy Hudson, said the verification would be done online through RITA’s website.

“Students should check their certificate in time so that even minor errors are clarified and they can still apply for loans because no one can apply for the loans board without being certified by us,” she noted, urging students to send their certificates with clarity and make sure all the details are seen so that we can work on it as soon as possible because once we receive the request we take a maximum of three days to work on it and send the feedback to candidates.