Loan interest

How much will your EMI home loan increase? Check here

HDFC Ltd, or Housing Development Finance Corporation, has increased its retail prime rate (RPLR) on home loans by 30 basis points, effective May 9, 2022. This increase applies to all borrowers, existing and new . This increase will result in increased EMIs for HDFC home loan borrowers.

According to the HDFC press release, interest rates from May 9 will be between 7 and 7.45%.

HDFC sent emails to its home loan customers notifying them of the hike. “Dear Customer, Following the revision of the HDFC-RPLR with effect from 9 May 2022 by 30 basis points (bps), your applicable interest under the ARHL scheme will increase by 30 bps from the date your interest is reset. This revision is in addition to the 5 bps RPLR increase announced on May 1, 2022. For further assistance, please login to your HDFC online account or HDFC app (Apple or google store to find out more,” the email states.

The interest rate payable to new customers on loans up to Rs 30 lakh would be 7.10%, according to the HDFC press release. The interest rate on loans between Rs 30 and Rs 75 lakhs would be 7.35%, while loans above Rs 75 lakh will have an interest rate of 7.45%. The risk premium depends on your CIBIL Score.

If you have an HDFC home loan, here’s how much your EMI would increase as a result of rising interest rates.

If your home loan is Rs 30 lakh and the new interest rate applied is 7.10%

Loan amount (Rs) Rs 30 million
Term (years) 20 years
Current interest rate (%) 6.80%
Current NDE 22,900 rupees
New interest rate 7.10%
New IME 23,439 rupees
Increase in NDEs Rs.539

If your home loan is Rs 50 lakh and the new interest rate applied is 7.35%

Loan amount (Rs) 50,000,000
Term (years) 20
Current interest rate (%) 7.05%
Current NDE 38,915 rupees
New interest rate 7.35%
New IME 39,822 rupees
Increase in NDEs Rs 907

If your home loan is Rs 80 lakh and the new interest rate applied is 7.45%

Loan amount (Rs) Rs 80 million
Term (years) 20
Current interest rate (%) 7.15%
Current NDE 62,746 rupees
New interest rate 7.45%
New IME 64,203 rupees
Increase in NDEs 1,457 rupees