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How to download the SBI mortgage interest certificate online

The SBI Home Loan Interest Certificate presents a breakdown of the SBI Home Loan repayment for a fiscal year. It is a crucial certificate which includes essential details such as borrower’s personal information, home loan account number, principal amount, interest amount, actual repayment and payments due or expected.

Recently, India’s leading lender, State Bank of India (SBI), announced that borrowers of SBI home loans will no longer need to visit the official branch to obtain the SBI home loan certificate. They can easily download the certificate using SBI net banking or SBI Quick.

State Bank of India took to Twitter and wrote: ‘Do you want a copy of your Home Loan Interest Certificate? You can easily download the certificate using Online SBI or SBI Quick. Take advantage of our online services from the comfort of your home. Stay home, stay safe.

Home Loan Borrowers Can Easily Get Their SBI Home Loan Interest Certificate

What is a mortgage certificate?

A home loan certificate is essentially a home loan account statement. It includes all the essential details that are provided by the bank from which the home loan was borrowed. A home loan certificate helps a borrower claim income tax deductions.

Interestingly, an SBI home loan certificate can also be used to apply for a new loan to calculate the income to debt ratio of a home loan borrower.

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Steps to Download SBI Home Loan Interest Certificate Online

Step 1: Visit the official State Bank of India (SBI) online banking website at

Step 2: When you log in to online banking, click on the “Personal Banking” section on the site.

Step 3: Enter all your necessary credentials as required in the input fields.

Step 4: Next, under the “Requests” tab, select the “Certificate of Interest on Home Loan (Provisional)” link.

Step 5: Now select the account for which you need a home loan interest certificate.

Step 6: After selecting the account, click on the ‘View/Download PDF’ option. You can view or download the certificate in PDF format and you can also have it printed.

How to Get SBI Home Loan Interest Certificate Offline

In case the home loan borrowers want to get their home loan interest certificate offline, they can go to the nearby branch of State Bank of India.

SBI has also offered its customers the option of calling SBI Customer Service and requesting a physical copy of the Home Loan Interest Certificate.